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Our Story

Erica Proefrock and Alexander Hamaker

Erica Proefrock and Alexander Hamaker

Hello, thanks for visiting our page! We are so excited that our community and others in the surrounding areas are supporting this modern food movement and we'd like to thank you all. Alex and I have been researching and experiencing this venture for the past 2 years and now we are thrilled to bring the future of farming to our local communities. With a background in business and a passion for agriculture, Alex and I started pursuing Hydroponics. 

Column Greens is a year round South Dakota Vertical Hydroponic Farm. We are dedicated to serving our local communities with fresh quality produce and excellent service. Leafy greens and culinary herbs are what we specialize in. Our crops are grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Our mission at Column Greens is to create transparency through a farm to community relationship. We want to serve you with fresh, local, sustainable produce. We welcome you to join this modern food movement and support local agriculture.

We are the future of farming.